wide point back traditional log, thin rail, low nose rocker and no concave. rolled bottom to vee with exaggerated tail flip allowing for quick and agile handling from nose and tail.
Variation is the VEE~CHAMAPAGNE, features wide square tail, ridden shorter in length with exaggerated VEE through the tail
sizes range from 8'10~9'6


shortboard egg template, fuller rail, hull entry into a light double concave and tucked rail in the tail.
size ranges from 5'10~6'8


pin tail log, parallel outline, lightly rolled bottom into VEE with exaggerated tail flip, agile beach break log, widths varying from 21"-23" with alterations of the SPEEDKNIV, narrower speed shape, and CHOPKNIV, chop squaretail option for added nose riding stability.
sizes range from 9'2~10'4


wide point forward mid length, light rolled bottom, pinched rails into tucked downrail through the back third, designed for down the line speed and wide arcing turns

sizes range from 7'0~9'0


versatile pig style mid length, rolled bottom to light vee, low rocker and thin 50/50 rails. ultra responsive making it a great choice of board in a wide variety of conditions.
sizes range from 7'6~8'4